Saturday, January 16, 2010

Sie Germans

I was proud that Germany was one of the first countries to connect to the Budding Ventriloquist Winter Olympic Coverage (TM).  This is the land of my ancestors. It, quite simply, is family.

And it didn't surprise me really, when the count for Germany went to two.  Some of my readers are old enough to remember the divided Germany, and the athletic Olympic machine called East Germany.  I even shot off an email to the Flag Counter software developers about, for nostalgia, separating hit counts - East Germany and West Germany - just for BVWOC(TM).

That would really be unique, exclusive coverage, ja?

So I can't be more thrilled that as of today, the counter shows 3 for Germany, meaning North Germany has joined East Germany and West Germany. They heard this blog's Rally Call to Nations! Those of you who are geographically challenged about historical political boundaries, I've posted a map of the divided Germany (1945 - 1990).

How long is it going to be before South Germany completes this version of German Reunification under the BVWOC(TM) flag?  Please, I ask in the wholesome spirit if the games - no wagering.

German ventriloquism has been in disrepair since the Pottsdam Conference of 1945.  President Truman's hilarious use of Winston Churchill as a human ventriloquist dummy (see picture) amused European allies but greatly disquieted Josef Stalin.  The agreement to "de-vent" German territories created the void we have today.
You can, however, go back to The Great Gabbo (1929) for German ventriloquism.

Well, it's actually faked ventriloquism in an American movie with thick German accents.  There are no references to being a ventriloquist in actor Erich von Stroheim's (Gabbo) biographies.
While the faked accents are actually pretty good, what a classic this could have been with some real ventriloquism. It's questions like that the ventriloquism world needs to keep asking for humanity's sake.

If you don't want a real toe tapper stuck in your head for days, don't watch this clip from The Great Gabbo more than four times in any one seating.

Watch closely at about 0:45 seconds in the clip - there's a shot of two hot babes amorously eyeing up the singing dummy. Is this why my wife is so concerned about my budding ventriloquism? Because it's such a chick magnet?

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