Thursday, January 14, 2010

Water dogs welcome

Boa vinda, meus amigos Portuguese, à cobertura Olympic Budding do inverno de Ventriloquist!

Welcome, my Portuguese friends, to the Budding Ventriloquist Winter Olympic Coverage (TM).

Portugal has a rich history in the Winter Olympics.  The country was fashionably late to the winter games, waiting until 1952 games in Olso and then not again until the 1988 Calgary games. Portugal is taking a wait and see approach to winter medals, too. This shouldn't be a surprise as only eight people can claim to have ever been a Portuguese Winter Olympian and they don't have anyone in Vancouver as of this report.

A search on the Google with the words "Portugal" or "Portuguese" and "Ventriloquist" netted no meaningful results, making my new Portuguese partnership even more remarkable.

You can see how honored I am that they are joining the BVWOC(TM) fun.

Melhor da sorte à equipe Portuguese inteira!
Doesn't at least part of you want to be Portuguese Winter Olympian Number Nine? Maybe get out your skates, learn to do a "double Lutz" and a "triple Salchow" in Portuguese?

Or recognize the huge opportunity there is if you can do ventriloquism in Portugal?

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