Monday, January 4, 2010

Thrill of Victory

2010.  Vancouver. The Winter Olympic Games.

Budding Ventriloquist is excited to announce that from now to the opening ceremony, thru all the breathtaking events, to the retrospectives afterward, you will be able to make this website your home for special BV Only coverage and insights into the games.

When you see this special logo, you'll know that you're getting the kind of olympic coverage only a budding ventriloquist can provide.  Watch for special previews between now and February 12 - the opening day of the games. And remember, you read it first on Budding Ventriloquist.
If CNN has taught you anything, it's that a touchstone of any venture of any magnitude is a customized logo. For a venture as speculative as this one, the logo was a great place to start.  Now I aspire to make my coverage as good as the logo.
Turns out I should have asked the dummy or the monkey like I said I would. The season final standings of my family's pro football pick'em pool - Wife wins, daughter and son's friend 1 game behind, me - 2 behind, and my son 11 behind.

I was leading all November and December, only to squander a substantial lead.  Last week my son's friend actually took the lead, and with so many "lay down" games in the final week, my wife and daughter made great picks to sneak into the top slots.

Good to my word, next year my picks will be made with advice from my dummy. That gives me nine months to find one that understands this: 

Picking the Minnesota Vikings is always morally reprehensible.

Shouldn't be a problem, should it?

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