Monday, January 25, 2010


The Budding Ventriloquist Winter Olympic Coverage (TM) is excited to profile our coverage team.
Famed sports journalist and Broadcaster Max LeMonk brings his pithy wit and probing reporting to our coverage for the first time. Max’s voice is all too familiar to sports fans who will long remember his “Down goes Frazier! Down goes Frazier!” boxing call to his regular calls of “Get up, get up, get out of here… Gone!” for the Milwaukee Brewers.

By joining BVWOC™, Max is taking a break from his tour de force performance on Broadway as the legendary football coach Jim Mora in the one man stage play, “Playoffs? Playoffs?” His autobiographical look at sports, It’s a Jungle Out There, has been in the top 10 of New York Times Fictional Non-Fiction Best Sellers About Sports List for 50 weeks.

Watch for Max both in the studio and out in the field, ever searching for the scoops you come to BVWOC™ to find.
Local anchorman at large Steed Hideaway joins BVWOC™, his first venture into the blog news world.

While most of Steed’s media experience comes from studio anchoring, he’s no stranger to print journalism. Steed's been a regular subscriber to Sports Illustrated for over 10 years. “I’m no stranger to the printed word. Now cursive – that’s a little trickier,” says Steed.

Prior to starting his television career, Steed won a national contest to be a centerfold for Playpuppet Magazine. After the closing ceremonies, Steed will be sworn in as the new Republican US Senator from Massachusetts.

Watch for Steed’s special trademark “Hey! let me try that” features throughout the Games.
The Executive Producer of BVWOC™ and reporter-at-large is Dan Bushman. Dan actually has a degree in Journalism and Mass Communications from the University of Wisconsin – Milwaukee that he earned when cable TV was the new media horizon and newspapers were a career choice.

“Budding Ventriloquist has already out-posted and outlasted 95 percent of all blogs,” Bushman says. “And the international appeal of the coverage we plan is already evident. Just look at the flags pop up and the counts tick higher and higher.”

Dan is, as a matter of fact, a budding ventriloquist. Watch for Dan’s omnipresent presence throughout the coverage.
Last night, at the conclusion of the NFC Championship game, I posted an insulting, spiteful comment reflecting my glee that Bart Favre and the Minnesota Vikings lost.

Yep, I certainly did that.

What? You weren't expecting an apology or something, were you? Ha!

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