Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Plus service fees. state and local taxes

For lovers of pro football, ventriloquism, and analogies:
Paying full price to see the Indianapolis Colts deliberately play without Peyton Manning is like paying full price for Terry Fator's show in Las Vegas and having a budding ventriloquist substitute for him with no refund offered.
Yes, it's still a show but, geesh, couldn't they at least give out free hot dogs?

Multiple mia culpas to Mr. Manning:
  1. Sorry to pick on you. You are actually the best quarterback I've ever seen.  I used to think this other guy was until I saw him in a Jets uniform last season and a Vikings uniform this season. Now I see how wrong I was. He was nuthin'.
  2. Sorry - but you don't have a ventriloquist dummy face (V face). Nothing personal. It's genetic. Dad and Eli don't make the V Face List either.
  3. Sorry if my analogy confuses you in any way. Just know that when you do your job, it's okay for us to see your lips move.
So, we're good, right?
Yes, I can be bought for a couple free hot dogs. Maybe only for one - but it has to be a really good hot dog.

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