Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Not one?

So, I'm checking out the competition; that patchwork website the Vancouver people put together for "their" Olympics. 

It has a site search function (so what, so does mine), so I typed in "ventriloquism."


Then, I typed in "ventriloquist."


Are you as surprised as I am? That there's, what, 50,000 or so winter Olympic athletes bios, probably a half-brazillion words on their web site, and the word ventriloquism doesn't appear once?

Search this blog for "ventriloquism" and "olympics" and you've got your reading cut out for you.

Actually, I am feeling even better about my quest, my mission, and my missionquest. The Budding Ventriloquist Winter Olympic Coverage (TM) is definitely my niche exclusively.


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