Wednesday, January 13, 2010

The man's a barbarian

Sometimes a guy just needs some good news. He needs to feel appreciated.

He needs to know he rates.

So this week, in an obvious and inevitable selection, Conan O'Brien joins the list of people whose faces belong on a ventriloquist dummy. Conan is the first individual to join the list since Moms Mabley received the honor over Lady Gaga on December 10. The cast of Glee's addition to the list on December 12 was a group honor.

In any event, it's been a bit of a drought. Granted, Moms set the bar high.

Congratulations, Conan. I hope this accolade takes the edge of what has to be a pretty bad week for you. And take note, m'man: Is that other guy on the list?
Making the V Face List and looking a little like Howdy Dowdy are two totally different things, too. I should be so doubly blessed.

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