Friday, January 1, 2010

Long may it wave

Rather than tell the long story about my curious choice of New Year's resolution, you just need to know what it is:
2010 is the year I am really letting my freak flag fly.*

Am I going to become a much more competent ventriloquist? Of course.  That's not much of a resolution. I'm not resolving to drive safely to work, either. Some things go without saying.

My wife and teenage children, hearing my resolution, became inexplicably frightened. I'm not taking this personally, but one day my dummy might.
* "Letting my freak flag fly" is a concept courtesy of David Crosby in his song, "Almost Cut My Hair," on the Crosby, Stills, Nash and Young 1970 seminal album Deja Vu. In the 2005 movie  The Family Stone, the concept was briefly discussed again. In 2010, your budding ventriloquist is goin' for it full-fledged and whole hog, unless vegetarianism is part of the deal.
The word "Pffft" is appearing on this blog with increasing frequency (For example, see Centennial Celebration).  For the benefit of both regular and any new readers unfamiliar with this word, I've prepared a video pronounciation key.**

By definition, Pffft is a celebratory expletive.

The key is complete with the correct gesticulation. Technically (what does Merriam or Webster actually know?), the accompanying hand gesture is only optional. My key shows both pronounications (left and right).

Also, Pffft has three Fs. No more, no less.
** The video pronounciation key is my second "movie". I'm getting more and more fascinated by the possibilities inside my cheap little camcorder.  I can foresee more "One Shot Cinema" efforts coming.

Would you expect anything less from a budding ventriloquist who's letting his freak flag fly?
Another quick blogger note:  When this posts, I think the archive thingy is going to fold the entire year 2009 into one item:  2009 (113).  There's something emmensely satisfying about that as a milestone. It shows some kind of staying power or determination.

Or maybe it just shows how hard-up I am for thrills.

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