Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Leftist ranting

Just a quick hypothesis:
  • If the natural inclination is to use a dominate hand to do the most dexterously-complicated work; and
  • About 5 to 15 percent of the population is right-handed; and
  • Operating the pulleys and strings and magic gadgets to animate a ventriloquist dummy is complicated work; and
  • The most common technique is to animate a dummy's arm is to simply use a free hand to grab it and move it; and
  • The arm of the dummy that moves the most would be its dominate hand; You can surmise that...
Only about 5 to 15 percent of dummies will appear to be right-handed.  This is why more people don't think ventriloquist dummies are very realistic.

No, I'm not drawing a diagram or providing a picture for you. When it hits you how right (as in "correct") I am, it will hit you big time.
To all you right-handed people out there: Why did it take a southpaw like me to figure this out?

Just a wee bit embarrassed now that you didn't think about this, aren't you?
Being left-handed, my dummies and puppets will appear to be right-handed. As a budding ventriloquist, this is good for my act. As a proud lefty, it is bad for my soul.
Don't get all hung up on the x-ray image of a left hand as you think about my logic problem. I put it there to distract and confuse you.

Ususally, I'll not so unsportsmanlike. Sorry. I must have had a bad biorhythm or something.

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