Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Jamaica? Bobsledding? Remember?

More international greetings - now to the winter olympic fanatics in Singapore who have found the Budding Ventriloquist Winter Olympic Coverage (TM).

Olympic records show that the Republic of Singapore has been shut out not just from of winter olympic gold, but totally out of all winter medals. That's just the kind of underdog this budding ventriloquist loves to cheer on!

However, Singapore has apparently opted not to publish the roster of the 2010 Singapore Winter Olympic team - yet. At least they haven't on official olympic sites, or any other place on the internet.

Leave it to them to play the "fashionably late" card! Talk about a wacky bunch!

Maybe the visit to BV was to determine if this popular media outlet gets that exclusive scoop. I am humbled. It is an honor just be be considered.
In ther real life news department, Signapore is targeting the 2014 Winter Olympics for ice skating. They're still working on the rink.

Is there a word in the Malay language for Zamboni? Wait - Is there a word in English (Singapore's main language) for Zamboni?

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