Sunday, January 24, 2010

It takes a schticker, too

As if I actually know anything, sometimes it's best to forget hunting for a joke that's not there.

I kept writing and rewriting about the notion that the Native Americans have no flag of their own to march behind at the Winter Olympics, their "nations" span the Americas, and that kind of coverage you can only find with Budding Ventriloquist Winter Olympic Coverage (TM) .

Believe me, the snippets above were the best of the search for the joke that wasn't there. And, I was only going there to throw a call-out to Rey Ortega, my new friend in the ventriloquist world.

Long story about how Rey stumbled across this online gig I have, and where the conversation started. But after I referred to myself as a "Schticker without a Cause", I asked Rey, "Is there a Native American term for 'schtick'?"

Those of you under about 35 and have no idea what "Borscht Belt" entertainment was need some background. The official Merriam-Webster definition for Schtick is:

Etymology: Yiddish shtik pranks, literally, piece, from Middle High German stücke, from Old High German stucki; akin to Old English stycce piece, Old High German stoc stick — more at stock

1 : a usually comic or repetitious performance or routine : bit
2 : one's special trait, interest, or activity : bag <he's alive and well and now doing his shtick out in Hollywood — Robert Daley>
Rey's response was:

"There is a word for schtick.

"It's Heyoka, a trickster, someone teaches people to do the right thing by doing the opposite. These people look for the deeper meanings in life and try to find ways to communicate them to the world. 
"You're a teacher disguised as a comic."
You too, my friend. Or back at ya. Or whatever the kids say these days.

Here's Rey and his buddy JC.  Rey's body "English" (funny choice of words?) is exceptional. It takes the illusion to that blurry level of  being embraced by it and forgetting that it's an illusion. His humor is infectious, too.

Rey's online center is The Wisdom Tree. Remember, Rey, with my BVWOC(TM)'s international appeal growing by leaps and bounds, you can't get better free advertising than this!

Well, maybe you can...
One of the best aspects of my ventriloquest (I love that word, and believe I made it up all by myself) is making contacts in the ventriloquist network. Now that I've mastered embedding videos, I owe Dave Markham and Steve Hurst some of this "high tech" callout, too.
Thanks Merriam. Thanks Webster. You two are the best. Anyone that doesn't have you two bookmarked in their browser and buy a hard copy for your latest book besides is not using the best resource around.
Now, the Czech Republic?  Eight from India? Jumpin' Jiminy. It's like the world has been waiting for BVWOC(TM).
Does the acronym work for you?  Hope so.

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