Saturday, January 30, 2010

Czeching out my blog

Vítejte, můj české přátele, Rašení hlasu-zimní olympijské zpravodajství!

Welcome, my Czech friends, to the Budding Ventriloquist Winter Olympic Coverage(TM).

The Czech Republic looks to field a team in everything at the Winter Games in Vancouver, with the exception of curling (huh? No stones?), women's hockey (**Boy talk warning** No Czech women in hockey uniforms? Sounds sounds like a missed oppportunity for hot!), and skeleton.

Skeleton?  Think sliding face down on a flat sled about the size of an unfolded newspaper at a half brazillion miles an hour.

The Czech ventriloquism world is invisible to the English websurfing world, and perhaps small from many years of Soviet thumbdowning,  but there is a Czech painting on a site called House of Deception. The painting Ventriloquist is by Czech modern artist Frantisek Tichy (1896-1961) and resides in the West Bohemian Gallery in Pilsen, Czech Republic. Wish I could show you, its quite stirring. Follow the link, and check it out down the web page a bit.
Egypt joined the BVWOC(TM) fun a week or show ago. And what special place in Winter Olympic history they hold. At the 1984 Winter Olympics in Sarajevo, Egyptian Alpine Skier Jamil Omar Hatem Abdulalem Jamil El Reedy not only prepared for the games by spending 40 days in a cave, but had the longest name of all the participants, too.

And, like everything in Egyptian history, ventriloquism goes back to thousands of years BC. Osiris, the judge of the dead (Yikes! Is a title or what?), was a high priest who used ventriloquism to deceive the worshippers into believing he had a second voice inside him. Cool, huh?

Just a thought: If freaking out the uneducated populice is how the pyramids got made, picture the mouth of the Sphinx rigidly moving up and down, a booming voice, and a trembling mass of rock draggers at it's feet. An amazing ventriloquism illusion.

Still wondering why they made the Sphinx? I'm not.
India's attention to BVWOC(TM) has soared to double digits. Wish I had  billion Buddng Ventriloquist tee shirts.  The whole darn country should get one.
Shortly after South Germany joined East Germany, West Germany, and North Germany here, the fifth former German state - EvenFartherSouth Germany - tossed their sixer in the ice chest. Willkommen.
Regular Readers (Do I need to get more chairs up from the basement? there are so many of you!):

Thanks for noticing my lack of posts this week.  Had to exhale before the big march to the openning ceremonies.

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