Friday, January 15, 2010

Billions? Billions.

Is this not what the Olympics are all about? One by one, nations joining together with unity of purpose?

So when I point out that the Budding Ventriloquist Winter Olympic Coverage (TM) has been embraced by India (Population 1.3 Billon - that's Billion, with a B), don't you just want to break out into a chorus of "We are the World"?

India has made its presence known in the Winter Olympics before.  Their biggest hope for success is in the luge. In 2006 and now again in Vancouver, Skivas Kashavan (pictured) will give it strong run (or slide).  India also has two Alpine skiers, Tashi Lundup and Jamyang Namgail, ready to take a run (or slide) at it.

I smell medal.

(Before you go there - Skivas has a look, but not "the look." No ventriloquist dummy face listing for him.)

The ventriloquism world in India seems to start and stop at the feet of Ramdas Padhye, children's show host and awesome puppeteer.  He and his wife Apara make a great team, his puppets are creative, and he's being so entertaining, it doesn't matter how much his lips move.

Ramdas and Aparna make quite a ventriloquist/puppeting team. Not that I want to take yet another opportunity, should my wife be reading this, to suggest that, well, wouldn't it be great for a husband/wife team like us to be the American Ramdas and Aparna?

I can already feel my wife burying her face in her hands, shaking her head. Is that a wee bit of crazed weeping, too?
I am just awestruck by the magnitude of the audience I'm tapping into now.  If you had told me my blog was going to be accessing a billion people, I would have scoffed. Probably would have shoo'ed you away. 

Now look at how huge this is. Wow.

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