Saturday, December 12, 2009

Too obvious

With apologies:
  • For running this picture two days in a row,
  • To a couple cast members who are only "totally guilty" by association, and
  • For noticing this amazing phenomenon only by happenstance...

... Could it actually be that virtually the entire cast of Glee - face after face - ALL belong on the "great face for a ventriloquist dummy" list?

Just look at them one at a time. Then think about it.

Amazing, huh?  Did I just hear a universal "true dat"?
To the wonderful cast of Glee:
Lots of actors get Emmys. You've just achieved something that's much more special.
Bet the casting director knew exactly what he was doing?  I'm in for a fiver that there's a dummy in his/her closet.

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