Friday, December 25, 2009

Merry Christmas

Holiday Fun

So you've opened your presents, eaten too much, run out of batteries for all the new gadgets...

Here's some special holiday fun from Budding Ventriloquist.

First, get this video running, preferably on another window/tab/etc.
Click here to run video

Now, watch it closely. Stare at it. Then, when you see the following faces magically appear in the fire, check them off:

  1. Mortimer Snerd
  2. Charlie McCarthy
  3. Jerry Mahoney
  4. Knuckhead Smith
  5. Achmed the Dead Terrorist
  6. Walter (Jeff Dunham's)
  7. Walter T Airedale (Terry Fator's)
  8. Winston the Turtle
  9. Lamp Chop
  10. Senor Wences' hand
  11. Jerry Lewis
Don't stop until they've all appeared. Replay the video as necessary. Write me when you've seen them all.  Be the first - there's a prize involved.

And happy holidays from Dan, your budding ventriloquist.

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