Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Episode None

Be sure, this is not the pilot of the series. This is not even a teaser to the pilot to the series.

This video represents a number of firsts.  It is:
  • The first prescripted video I've made. And considering I sank about 10 minutes into script development, it is quite remarkable.
    • You will want to make remarks, I guarantee it.
  • The first attempt I've made to understand the intracacies of my flip camera.
    • It said on the packaging, "Do not attempt to film a remake of Gone With the Wind with this device."  You will find this hard to believe when you see the quality.
  • The first time I've had to figure out lighting for a video. You will notice this too.
  • My first post with any kind of video.
    • Pretty cool that it's me, isn't it?
    • Would you believe I was really shooting for "quaint"?
Hold on to your socks and press the play button!

Okay, I know. It's really bad. A technical and comedic disaster. It was one minute and 11 seconds of your life you will never get back. Sorry about that.

But it's a start. Consider this a true, pure trial balloon; a technical run; a flight of fancy; a test. Consider this the benchmark to judge all the video efforts I will post on this blog, and to judge my ventriloquism, and to judge my jokes.

Remember, the space shuttle blasts off from ground zero; so do most things. Or as my friend Steve from Ventriloquist Central said when I started this blog, "We all started somewhere."
Rather than spend the last few posts of 2009 doing more retrospective chit-chat, I'm opting to forge ahead and post prepwork of sorts for what I think is going to be an outstanding 2010. I have a commitment for a gig next December, by the way. For real! I'll explain what it is sometime soon.

All I have to do between now and next December is learn how to do ventriloquism. And get a real dummy or two. And write material. And practice, practic, practice.

Piece'a cake.
If you go to Youtube and search on the words budding and ventriloquist, this video is the first listing. How cool is that?

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