Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Centennial Celebration

Pffft! Pffft!

This is the 100th post to Budding Ventriloquist. 

What's happened over the course of 100 posts?
  • Ten individuals and one group (the cast of Glee) were honored with the designation "face that belongs on a ventriloquist dummy" (the V Face List).
  • "Several" individuals were determined NOT to belong on the V Face List. (The generalization "several" is used to spare those people embarrassment. It's not personal, folks. Either you were born with it or not.  Like bowed legs.)
  • My proposed Ventriloquist in Space Program (VISP) is gaining quiet interest at NASA. Very, very quiet interest.
  • I am in possession of a small Charlie McCarthy dummy and a great monkey puppet. Both still need some repair. Apparently, ventriloquist dummies and puppets are like motorcycles. They always need some work.
  • The hit counter on the BV page clicked over 920 hits. To my estimation, more than half are NOT me. Wow.
  • I referenced Paula Abdul only once. This doesn't seen right to me. Not right at all.
  • My number of regular readers doubled  from one to two, causing me to refer to regular readers in plural. Goes to show big change is possible.
  • The ads that the Google/Blogger folks run on my page have fetched me the handsome sum of 20 cents on account.  $9.80 to go and I get a real check for $10.  How cool is that?
  • In the last 50 posts, pictures have become a regular thang for my blog. My favorites are the Fireball XL5 and Thunderbirds peeps. And Julia Roberts vis-a-vis Lady Penelope, of course.
  • There was a  fantasy spat with Julia Roberts I actually believed happened. Don't worry, it was only for a minute. Or ten.
The next big milestone - 200 posts - seems so far away. But considering I've written 100 things about ventriloquism and have hardly started actually learning how to do the Art of Kings, the 200 post mark is just around the corner.
On the third day of Christmas my true love gave to me,

Three Good Springs,

Two Moving Eyebrows,
And a full-sized ventriloquist dummy.

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