Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Bowl me over

I like a good college football game as much as anybody, I guess, and everybody is a college football fan this time of year. It's bowl game time.

*** "Back in the Day" Alert***
When I was growing up, though, there was maybe 10 bowl games. If you included the Astro Blue Bonnet Bowl, the most exotically named, you would start watching bowl games on New Year's Eve Eve, and stop at about 10 o'clock New Year's Day. There was a Rose, a Sun, a Citrus, a Cotton, a Sugar, an Orange, a Gator, and maybe a Fiesta Bowl. Weeks later, there would be a Senior Bowl - but that one didn't count.

Not one of them had a corporate name or sponsor.

Now there's about 50 bowl games.  My Wisconsin Badgers just won the Champs Sports Bar and Grill Home of the Champs Burger Bowl. Rah.  It was one thing when it became the Tostitos Fiesta Bowl, but does all the romance have to be taken away so we are left with the Mienecke Car Care Bowl and the Little Ceasars Pizza Bowl? (I must admit, the Pizza Bowl a ring to it.)

But instead of fighting this losing battle, I am going to embrace it.

I figure with a little leg work, some local support, and a whole lot of earnest goodwill, by this time next year you'll be hearing:
"You're looking live at Newton Field in Beautiful Hudson, Wisconsin where the University of Wisconsin - Milwaukee Panthers take on the St. Catherine's University Wildcats in the first annual Budding Ventriloquist Bowl."
I wonder if the hospital will lend me their chopper for aerial shots?
UW-Milwaukee is my alma mater. They do not have a Division Anything football team and have not for a long time. St. Kate's is a women's college. Like the video I posted yesterday, you have to start somewhere.
Early Line: St. Kate's  + 4

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