Thursday, December 10, 2009

All Gaga? Na.

I just saw a face, I couldn't forget the time or place.  It was on, and it was a great, fun, wild video by Lady Gaga. It was just the cat's pajamas.*

I even started writing a song:

"I thought to myself, that face...
Could it be, should it be that face
The world be waiting for that face
To belong on a ventriloquist dummy?"**

I was so convinced. A shoe-in. A "well, duh!" All it would take was to look for some photos on The Google to confirm it.

But, alas, she didn't cut the mustard.* She's an outstanding, creative performer, but the " V face list" isn't about that. It's about remarkably interesting face shapes and features.

It might be I was reaching to be hip.*  Putting someone on the list that was current might make me a little current. That, however, is in direct contrast with my nature.  I wasn't current when I was current. I grew up on Ed Sullivan, and remember when The Johnny Carson Show was broadcast from New York.

Ahh, nostalgia. The great old acts of the great old days. So I give you possibly my all time favorite face from the past:

Comedian Moms Mabley.

Sorry, Joe Torre (The inaugural perfect "V face"), you got company at the top of the list now.

To understand that this pick is really pretty inspired, check out Moms on The Flip Wilson Show. I need to find better clips of her in her heyday. There was a time when comedy wasn't poop just jokes and vulgarities. She was from then, and was funnier for it.
*  Phrases/terms/words that tell you I'm too old to pretend to be new.  Saying "hip" is not hip.
** I made up a sweet melody to go along with the lyrics. It will cost you a beer to hear it, though.

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