Monday, September 7, 2009

That Dunham Guy

Jeff Dunham at the Minnesota State Fair as a Grandstand Show. The man himself. Mister Ventriloquism. Not 25 miles and $38 away.

But I'm opting to take the inspiration of a ventriloquist being a grandstand-show sized draw and save the $38 towards my first dummy. That's in that mythical account that we all have in our heads, the one that tells you that if you just saved 89 cents at the grocery store by buying several generic products, you really deserve the $1.26 Pepsi.

You know that account. The one that tells you that you save so much on do it yourself home projects, all told you can put in a bid on the Hearst mansion.

Of course, being Labor Day, I have an even better excuse for not going.  The grass needs cutting.  And my mower is so loud, I can practice while I cut.

If I can do it right, who will know?

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