Friday, September 4, 2009

Where Chicken in the Woods Road Leads

Unlike many men, I enjoy my three sisters-in-law(z?). Makes me think ahead that as I develop a Vent* routine, some classic targets - like in-laws - aren't necessarily going to work for me.

Anyway, my sister-in-law LaVerne called the other night and after a fascinating conversation about why Chicken In the Woods Road is called Chicken in the Woods Road, I passed the phone to my wife.

Hearing once side of the conversation, the subject of my Vent* aspirations became the topic. And again my wife expressed her concern that my Vent* partner will say all sorts of nasty things about her. I think I'll just let her worry a bit. It's good for her soul.

To my surprise, my sister-in-law apparently volunteered to keep an eye out for a used dummy at rummage or estate sales!  Rock on, LaVerne!

I did cut in on the other line to tell her that if she finds one, call me so I can give her my work address. I have a feeling that if it's shipped to my house, it might disappear before I get my hands on it. Or do people in the Vent* world say, "in it"?

(* - this is my first attempt to use the "in the biz" shorthand of referring to ventriloquism with the word "vent."  I must admit, I'm not really comfortable with it.)

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