Monday, September 14, 2009

I'm sure he's a Packer fan! And - Happy Anniversary!

I'm still so wow'ed that even this little ventriloquist dummy has come into my possession. It coming from my wife was a surprising and wonderful display of support. Then again, we've been together for 24 years (today!). We do know how to keep each other laughing.

My kids, however, are a little less supportive about our new member of "the family."

Here's the scene: My living room, the Packer-Bear game.

There was my wife, our dear friend Chris, my son, two of his friends, my daughter, my big golden lab (Sailor), my old spaniel mut (Dolly), our quaker parrot (Brazil) , and a huge African Grey (Oscar). Me, too, of course. The birds, by the way, free fly at my house.

And, every time a great thing happens for the Packers, the whole gang erupts with joy.

Except my new little friend. It was deemed to be "creeping everyone out."  So he had to watch on the TV in the bedroom instead.

Yes. Today is our 24th Anniversary. According to the Chicago Public Library Information Center the 24th is your  muscial instrument anniversary. 

Although if you ask me, it's really your ventriloquist dummy anniversary. Or is that your 124th anniversary?

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