Friday, September 25, 2009

One Month

This is the one month anniversary of Budding Ventriloquist. In the new information world, I believe that makes this blog an "established pitstop in the blogosphere." (There's a whole different blog to be made from that idea, but let's celebrate Budding Ventriloquist first.)

PFFFFFTTTTT!!!! Happy New Month! Weeeee-Hoooo! Everybody, with me, "Should old acquaint..."

In the last 31 days, I:
  • Found myself with my first dummy! My wife would say that happened to her 24 years ago (Dan says as he attempts to make a "vent joke").
  • Watched my wife both wonder if my dummy is going to say nasties about her and then bring me all the ventriloquist-related stuff the library has, including my little buddy. I guess there's a reason we've made it 24 years.
  • Created a binder with a spine label that says "Ventriloquism" and started filling it up with good stuff.
  • Made a friend who is actually one of the vent brethen.
    • I have a feeling that the Ventriloquist Illuminati idea is in my mind to stay.
    • Yes, you get to wear a funky hat, Steve. Even outside the meetings in the dank catacombs.
  • Recorded about 30 minutes of how-to lessons and started listening to them on my morning commute.
    • Could be better, but I was on the right track.
    • Take Two will make them mighty fine.
  • Had a different thought almost daily as to what "the Act" might be.
    • Take note as I whisper this to you: I have kernels of a concept in my mind that is very fresh.
    • Once I have enough kernels, I'll bend your ear.
    • There's nothing corny about what I'm thinking.
  • Found that I get laughs just talking about wanting to be a ventriloquist.
    • So just imagining the possibilities when actually doing it brings a smile to me.
    • I am getting a lot of "even crazier than we ever thought you were" looks. This, as the saying goes, is a good thing. I was beginning to lose my touch.
  • Discovered having an old friend cheer you on means a lot.
  • Posted something just about every day. That means I've done some writing just about every day. How good is that!
What will make Month Two amazing? Keep checking in. We'll be surprised together.

And oh yea -  I kept my day job; So I got that going for me, too.

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