Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Impersonations - a path?

As I drove home yesterday listening to my practice tapes, I tried on a few different voices and had an epiphany:
I do impersonations, and any of them could be a character voice. The trick has nothing to do with the voice itself.
So I started running a list in my head, and realized that they are all so dated, so many voices from the past, only someone of my generation or older would even catch on. At one point or another in my life, I could do an impersonation, and therefore a make a character, of:

James Stewart, John Wayne, Barry Fitzgerald, Maurice Chavalier, Richard Nixon, Hubert Humphrey, The Crusher, Jack Nicholson, Walter Brennan, Robert Duvall, Bruce Dern, Sean Connery, Andy Devine, Inspector Clouseau, Denver Pyle, Don Knots, Ronald Reagan, Jim Nabors, Lawrence Welk, Elvis Presley, Tom Snyder, Wolfman Jack, Cary Grant, Dean Martin, Groucho Marx, Chico Marx, Jerry Lewis, and , oh, the list goes on and on.

Throw in every character in the Wizard of Oz, too. And Liza...

Does anyone alive actually appreciate a good Walter Brennan impersonation? Can you wow anyone with a spot-on Hubert Humphrey anymore? Even come close to remembering Tom Snyder (Tomorrow)?

Yes, I haven’t experienced any pop culture since about 1981. For the first time ever, I’m seeing this as a good thing. At least I might be able to make it work for me.

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