Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Drive Time Practice - Day 2 (and 1/2)

Yesterday life took over. All business. Get'er done. No ventriloquism.

Just to throw another one of those goals out there. To change that thinking to "All business means ALL ventriloquism."

I got back to doing my taped lessons. Some sounds in the basket of phoney phonemes are easier than others, but it really is only Day 2.  I'm glad that I read the lesson part of the exercise onto the recording, too.  I'm finding I'm replaying the instructions more than the "listen and repeat" exercise.  I just need it to sink in a lot deeper.

I have noticed that my natural "vent voice" always sounds like Inspector Clouseau of Pink Panther fame. I wonder if everyone thinks that. So now that I'm at work, I keep saying, "Kato, you fool."  And I'll work my way up to, "Does your dog bite?"

It gives me motivation to learn how to do the B sound, that's for sure.


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