Friday, September 18, 2009

And the PM Session - That's a Wrap

I finished up with:
  • Mastering the V
  • Mastering the M
  • Mastering the P
  • Mastering the B
  • All Together Now
I think I have my drive-time lessons on tape. Just a little more work to properly tag them for an MP3 player.  To think I grew up with a 25 pound reel-to-reel recorder with tubes inside it. The technology we have available now is so amazing.

I also now have a copy of the video from Paul Winchell, How to be a Ventriloquist. I am as surrounded by learning materials as I can be. I haven't really even started watching all the ventriloquism stuff on or the rest of what is on the web.

I have to remember something from a different time in my life. Even though I worked at the Milwaukee County Lifeguard Corps Headquarters as their head office clerk, and I know so much about water rescue, I never learned how to swim. Reading about it, talking about it, and learning about it isn't doing it!

Thankfully, vent dummies are wood or plastic. Both float!

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