Saturday, September 5, 2009

And if the Apes found the tape?

I am hoping this Labor Day weekend allows me time for my ventriloquist "break through" project.

Having read a couple of books (that I will have to cite eventually) containing practice exercises, I envision sitting down with a recorder and making a 20-minute coaching session. This session will take me though the list of "hard words" or "practice words" from one book, the sound clarity exercise from another, etc.

20 minutes is my commute to and from work. Sound making is perfect for the car; I can still keep my hands on the wheel, too!

I think back to Junior high school German class with instructional recordings on vowel sound formations:

"Repeat after me: Vega, vaga, vic, vec."

Using the ventriloquism exercises from these books will create a pretty goofy tape. If found by Professor Zaius in Planet of the Apes, he would probably say, "These beasts were never more that primitive. Listen to their guttural sounds and attempts at word formations."


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