Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Need a Vent binder

I am quickly becoming overwhelmed with information on ventriloquism. I thought there would be a book or two. I was surprised to find 3 or 4 our regional library system. With all of them now in hand, I'm like the proverbial man with more than one watch.
And when I see there’s lots of info to gather, my head always says “binder.” Get out the three-hole punch and the index tabs, and any information deluge can be tamed. Or maybe it’s just that the punching process brings me such inner peace. (Hmm, inner peace as a character? A George Harrison ventriloquist dummy?)
I have read enough here and there in the books to know these two things:
  1. It’s hard to have your dummy say “binder”, even if my head says it all the time.
  2. To talk the lingo of the biz, I need to start calling myself a budding “Vent.”
Should I rename this blog, "Budding Vent"?  Too much to think about. Need a tab in my binder for "big questions."

But two learnings in one day is cool.


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